26.01.2022. Congratulations to Hannah Kjærbo for the successful defense of her project, and graduation with great marks. A new MS in Biochemistry! We wish you all the best in your new endeavors.

14.12.2021. Lab outing to celebrate the holiday season and the upcoming start of 2022. Great team of motivated, curious, supportive, and collegial students and scientists.

10.12.2021. BIO Retreat 2021. An excellent program covering all the strategic aspects of our department including science, teaching, education, and society. It was a great experience for Mirna to participate in the BIO Retreat organization, on behalf of the BIO strategic research board. Anna presented a poster with the latest results of her postdoctoral work.

07.12.2021. We are thrilled and honored for being awarded a Carlsberg Foundation infrastructure grant. Thanks for supporting our research. Looking forward to new discoveries.

11-13.10.2021. Anna Cazzola presents her postdoctoral research project at the Summer School 2021: A boost to the skin barrier organized by the LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Centre. An outstanding program in a great scientific environment!

03.09.2021. Mirna attends the workshop organized by the Centre for Online and Blended Learning at KU “Help students and yourself to a good start in the new semester. Great teachers and interactive workshop covering different aspects that help communicate knowledge!

01.09.2021. Welcome to Niveditha (Master student, Biology, KU), Maria (Erasmus student), Alicia (Erasmus student), and Rachel (DIS program). They will conduct their projects looking at the crosstalk between skin carcinoma cells and their microenvironment. Also to Mark (student assistant) who will support our lab activities and organization. A warm welcome to each one of you as new members of the team!

20.08.2021. MSCA postdoc Silvia Fontenete‘s farewell. We will surely miss you, Silvia! We wish you all the best in your new endeavors and goals to transfer scientific and technological findings to society. It has been a great scientific journey that started at CNIO, followed by our lab relocation to the Univ of Copenhagen, the midst of the pandemic, until this summer. During this whole period, you continued developing your international research program, supporting the lab and team members—great memories of Silvia, an excellent scientist, and team member. Stay tuned for the upcoming publications of her latest findings!

20.08.2021. Welcome to the lab Jingcheng (Vincent) Liu! Vincent will conduct his MS project looking at the crosstalk between skin carcinoma cells and their microenvironment. Looking forward to exciting discoveries.

19.07.2021. Congratulations to Laura for her MS thesis defense and graduation. All the best in your new endeavors at the Københavns Professionshøjskole

02.07.2021. Farewell to Julius, it has been great hosting your Erasmus internship in the lab. A pleasure to work together with you. Keep up the good work, wishing you all the best in your studies and career.

28.06.2021. Congratulations to Shi Min for her successful BS thesis defense and graduation. Great job! All the best with your Master’s studies at the University of Copenhagen.

22.06.2021. Talk presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research ISCCR2021. Congratulations to Silvia Fontenete for a great presentation of the latest findings of her postdoctoral work! Thanks to Worldwide Cancer Research, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, NEYE Fonden, Candys foundation, Toyota Fonden, and the MSCA postdoctoral program for their support.

21.06.2021. Congratulations to Josephine for graduating from her MS thesis graduation with the highest mark. A pleasure to team up and work with you. We wish you the best in your new endeavors at the University College London (UCL)!

03.05.2021. Julius Nowaczyk starts his Erasmus+ Program rotation in the lab, as part of his Master’s courses in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Potsdam, Germany. Welcome to the lab, Julius ! Great your travels were safe following all the current health regulations.

26.04.2021. We are glad to welcome Hannah to the lab. Her Master’s project will look closer to the interactions between cancer stem cells and immune cells. Looking forward to exciting discoveries.

03.04.2021. Silvia Fontenete’s first author manuscript is published in the Journal of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. Great collaborative efforts with the laboratory of Dr. Merete Hædersdal, Department of Dermatology, Copenhagen University Hospital Bispebjerg and Frederisksberg, Denmark. Congratulations to Silvia and all team members!

02.2021. Shi Min Lam joins the lab to start her BSc project. A warm welcome to the team!

11.2020. Mirna participates in the Seminar Series of the LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center, Copenhagen. Fantastic interactions with skin experts, feedback, exchange of ideas, and opportunities for collaboration. It was a blast, thank you for the invitation!

09.2020. Welcome on board, Lihong Xu. Lihong joined our team as a lab assistant. All of us appreciate your help in the lab very much!

09.2020. A warm welcome to Anna Cazzola, who joined our team to conduct her postdoctoral studies! Benvenuta Anna, great to team up with you to gain further insight into skin cancer biology!

06.08.2020. Kathrine defended her BS thesis project remotely and graduated with the highest mark. Congrats and all the best in your master studies!

05.08.2020. It was great to have had the opportunity to contribute to this interesting and relevant story. Congratulations to the Gonzalez-Neira lab and all autors. Regulatory CDH4 genetic variants associate with risk to develop capecitabine-induced hand-foot syndrome.

17.07.2020. Our preprint manuscript “Wnt-mediated interactions of tumor-initiating cells with a macrophage niche drive skin tumor formation” is now posted in bioRxiv.

18.06.2020. Congratulations to Sreyoshee on her Master’s graduation. Special efforts during these unusual times, a virtual success, Congrats Sreyo!

29.05.2020. Thank you to the Tømmerhandler Vihelm Bangs Fond for their award and support to our research!

04.2020. We have received support from the Toyota Foundation to acquire a microscope! Thank you for your enormous contribution to our scientific projects in our lab and collaborative work at our Section.

03.2020. Silvia is selected to participate in the upcoming “Summer School 2020: A Boost To The Skin Barrier” – LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Centre, University of Copenhagen (Apr 20-22). Great opportunity for interactions and feedback from leading international experts in the field.

03.2020. Silvia is presenting a poster in the international EACR-AACR-ASPIC Conference: Tumor Microenvironment, in Lisbon, Portugal. Great program, speakers and scientific environment.

02.2020. Mirna is invited to present the Keynote Lecture – Basic Sciences at the European Hair Research Society Meeting 2020. Truly honored and grateful! Thank you to the meeting chair Dr. Claire Higgins and the organizing committee.

02.2020. Welcome Kathrine, Josephine and Laura! great and enthusiastic students that joined the lab to conduct their projects.

16.12.2019. Congratulations to Sílvia Fontenete for receiving a grant from the Fabrikant Einar Willumsens Mindelegat’s Program. Thank you to the founders for the support of our research!

10.12.2019. Mirna is invited to present a SFB 829 Program seminar at the CECAD, Cologne. Title: “Myeloid cells and lymph vessels at the skin stem cell niche”. Old friends, colleagues and great scientific interactions. Thank you to Dr. Carien Niessen for the kind invitation!

15.11.2019. It was a pleasure to participate in the organizing committee of the Cell Biology and Physiology Section’s retreat, Dept Biol, Univ Copenhagen. An excellent day for scientific interactions, poster presentations & academia and industry seminars. Thanks to all the students and scientists that contributed to make it such a great meeting.

23.10.2019. We are looking for a talented postdoctoral scientist to join our international team! Please submit your application via the KU jobportal. Link. Application period: 23.10.2019 – 19.11.2019.

11.10.2019. Sílvia participates in the Culture Night (Kulturnatten) presenting the Lecture Genetic mutations – the potential power of a small change. Kulturnatten is Copenhagen’s largest one-day event, which annually opens the city to an intense experience of exceptional cultural events. Thank you, Silvia, for bringing science to the public by explaining in such an educational way what DNA mutations are.

01.10.2019. Our EMBO J manuscript is featured in the News & Views section of the issue! We are thankful to Drs. Chen Y Kam & Valentina Greco, Yale University, for highligthing our findings.

01.10.2019. Our manuscript “Lymphatic vessels interact dynamically with the hair follicle stem cell niche during skin regeneration in vivo” is now published in EMBO J. Congratulations to all authors, and thank you to the agencies and foundations that supported our lab!

23-24.09.2019. Sílvia participates in the RNA-seq quality control and analysis course at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Bern, Switzerland, as part of the European BIOTECH week.

17.09.2019. Johan defended his MSc thesis graduating with the highest mark. Congratulations Johan!

05.09.2019. We are honored for being awarded a NEYE Foundation grant! Thanks to the NEYE Foundation for supporting cancer research and the fight against cancer!

01.09.2019. Congratulations to Sílvia Fontenete for a well deserved award of excellence receiving a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship!

09.08.2019. Glad to announce the publication of the book “Epidermal Stem Cell Niche”, for which Mirna is editor. This book is the 3rd volume of the Elsevier Book Series “Advances in Stem Cells and their Niches”, where experts in the skin research field cover most of the recent conceptual and experimental findings in the epidermal stem cell niche arena. Thanks to the authors for their invaluable contributions to the volume, and for moving the epidermal stem cell niche field forward.

01.07.2019. Sílvia is awarded a travel grant from the Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (DSBMB) (Biokemisk Forening).

19.06.2019. We are excited and honored for being awarded a grant from the Danish Cancer Foundation for the next three years (2020-2022), which will significantly support our cancer research. Looking forward to new discoveries!

13-18.06.2019. Congratulations to Laura, Sarah, Casper and Magnus for their BSc theses defenses and graduation with the highest marks. A great generation of future researchers!

07.06.2019. Daniel Peña-Jimenez defended his Ph.D. thesis at the CNIO, Madrid. His thesis focused on the contributions of lymphatic vessels to the regulation of skin stem cells’ activation. Great job, great thesis presentation and defense. Congratulations Dani for graduating with high honors!

24-27.04.2019. 11th World Congress for Hair Research – Barcelona 2019. Mirna was invited to present a talk in the session Auxiliary Cells. Thanks to the organizers for such a great international meeting!

13.03.2019. Mirna joins the Editorial Board of the international peer-review journal Tissue Barriers, a Taylor and Francis publication. Thank you to the Editor Kursad Turksen for the invitation!

01.03.2019. Dimitra Gkouvelou from the Department of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, joins the lab to conduct a rotation supported by the ERASMUS+ EU program. Welcome Dimitra!

13.02.2019. Our preprint manuscript “Dynamic interactions of lymphatic vessels at the hair follicle stem cell niche during hair regeneration” is now posted in bioRxiv.

02.2019. Welcome to Laura, Sarah, Casper and Magnus! All excellent students with great scientific inquiry who are joining the lab to conduct their BSc projects.

30.11.2018. Sreyoshee joins our team to start her MSc project on lymph vessels & skin stem cells’ communication. Welcome aboard Sreyo!

06-09.11.2018. Sílvia Fontenete presents a talk in the 2nd ENABLE Network EU conference for young researchers that takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark. ENABLE aims to involve young scientists in opening the academic world from within by promoting crosstalk between biomedical disciplines, collaboration with industry, and engagement with society.

20.09.2018. Sílvia gives a seminar in Dr. Kristian Strømgaard’s group, Center for Biopharmaceuticals, University of Copenhagen. An interactive seminar and great potential for multidisciplinary collaborations!

03.09.2018. Johan joins the lab to conduct his MSc project focused on tumor associated macrophages. Welcome Johan!

31.07.2018. Sílvia presents a seminar in Dr. Merete Hædersdal group, Dermatology, Bispebjerg Hospital & Professor at the University of Copenhagen. Great collegial interactions and potential for collaborations!

27-31.05.2018. Copenhagen Bioscience Conference 2018: The Stem Cell Niche. Mirna’s abstract was selected for a short talk in the session Stem Cell Environment. Thank you to all the organizers for such an international meeting of excellence!

23.05.2018. Our book chapter entitled “Isolation of Cancer Stem Cell from Squamous Cell Carcinoma” is now published online in: Turksen K. (ed) Skin Stem Cells. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1879. Springer, Humana Press, New York, NY.

09.05.2018. Mirna is invited to present a seminar in the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology (DanStem) Seminar Series. Title: Interactions between skin stem cells and their niche in homeostasis and cancer. Thank you to Dr. Henrik Semb for the kind invitation!

01.05.2018. Amy Soriano, Ph.D student in Dr. Mariastella Zannini’s lab, University of Naples Federico II, Italy, started an international rotation in our lab. Welcome Amy!

28.02.2018. Mirna is invited to present a seminar in The Biologics Seminar Series organized by the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen. Thank you to the hosts Drs. Martin Malmstem & Camilla Foged for the invitation!

01.01.2018. We are thrilled and honored for being awarded a Novo Nordisk Research grant for the next three years. Thanks for supporting our research now in Denmark! Looking forward to new discoveries.

01.01.2018. Lab moving completed from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Madrid, to the Section of Cell Biology and Physiology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen. An exciting new phase for our laboratory!

01.05.2008 – 31.12.2017. Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), Cancer Cell Biol Prog. From starting our first independent lab in 2008 to developing a full international research program. Great memories of excellent lab members, colleagues, scientific interactions & support, international endeavors & funders support. Now, our lab’s maximum period of nine years at CNIO is completed. Looking forward to continuing our international research at the University of Copenhagen, an excellent environment for scientific research!